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Shop Fox Wood Lathe

We offer a number of stationary wood lathe tools for woodshop pros and hobbyists here at WoodShopTools.com, including some super-high-quality Shop Fox lathes as well as a six-speed Steelex 1/2 HP benchtop wood lathe. Speeds range from 480 RPM to 4023 RPM. This 10”x15” unit is one of the best wood lathes for tabletop use, although the 10”x15” Shop Fox benchtop wood lathe is neck and neck with the Steelex. It also has six speeds ranging from 480 RPM to 4023 RPM.

The floor-standing wood lathes we offer include an economical 16”x46” Shop Fox wood lathe with stand and DRO and a top-of-the-line Shop Fox 3 HP 24”x36” bowl-turning lathe.