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Shop Fox Woodshop Clamps

We carry dozens of high-quality Shop Fox clamps for a variety of specific uses. These include pipe clamps, quick-release toggle clamps, three-way clamps, deep-throat C-clamps, band clamps, hold-down clamps, double-corner clamps, F-clamps, G-clamps, drill-press clamps, bar clamps, frame clamps, table saw fence clamps and more. You'll also find a selection of woodshop clamp racks plus a unique “Clamp Buddy” capable of holding up to 200 different clamps of various types/sizes. The Clamp Buddy is mobile, incorporating four locking swivel caster wheels.

Many of our professional shop clamps come in a variety of sizes, and you'll also find a 16-piece mini clamp set as well as a 10-piece 2” spring clamp set.